Renting Portable Toilets

If you are preparing for an event to take place in the open in the near future, and you have been desperately looking for a way to provide a decent restroom to your guests, then renting portable toilets from Chicago Dumpster Rental Now is your solution.

But first, you need to find out how many portable toilets you will need for your event. You need to consider the number of guests or participants that you expect to come at the event. Your guests will be exhausted and might leave your event early if they need to wait at a long line before they can use the toilet.

portable toilets

Once you already have the data about the event, you can then ask us as your portable restroom rental company for a recommendation. We offer the best portable toilet deals and services. While you want to make your guests comfortable, having a successful event that is cozy and cost-effective is what you want, and we make it possible for you!

Portable toilets are recognized by most of the people nowadays as it gives lots of benefits during special occasions. Portable toilets are used to fulfill the sanitary needs of the people attending outdoor events. Without them the participants will feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to fully enjoy the day.

We have different types of portable toilets available that help meet your guest’s needs in a hygienic and clean condition. It is very easy to install these restrooms in whatever kind of events you may have such as parties, birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies and other outdoor events including corporate gatherings. It’s up to you to choose any of the toilets that you know will fit the type of event you are hosting, as well as the number of attendees.

Different types of Portable toilets:

1)    Standard portable restroom

2)    ADA compliant portable restroom

3)    Deluxe restroom flushing

4)     Mobile shower trailer

5)    VIP self-contained portable restroom

Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets

Renting portable toilets offer many benefits for outdoor events. If you are hosting a particular event and you tend to forget about these restrooms, there is no way for the guests to meet their sanitary needs. They will feel uneasy throughout the occasion.

For outdoor events, it is never possible to construct bathrooms at any place you want to conduct the activity. Maybe it can be done for some specific areas, but it will definitely cost you a higher price. Thus renting our portable toilets is a wise move for the temporary use of bathrooms. Not unless you have the budget to construct new bathrooms and then destroy them after the event.

Of course you must provide your guests the the ability to use some bathrooms. They will leave the event with great satisfaction if their sanitary needs are met in a clean way.

Another benefit of renting these portable restrooms is that you can save your time placing them in your venue. You can easily install hem in any place of the event, somewhere in the back. You can also move them from one place to another location effortlessly. We have made it easier for you.

These portable restrooms come in different designs, an extensive range of colors and stylish looks. You can pick any of them that you think will suit the theme of your event and satisfy your participant’s sanitary needs.

Each of our restroom comes with a holding tank that has the capability of accommodating human waste. Just make sure to rent enough amount of restrooms for the event or else the guests will be disappointed. They don’t want long lines to go to the restrooms. So before anything else, you have to know the exact count and the number of toilets you will need for the event. But  we can always assist you in making that decision of how many portable toilets you have to rent.

We can guarantee you that all our portable toilets are well deodorized and ventilated. We offer all the services you need at a reasonable cost. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed here at Chicago Dumpster Rental Now.


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